We are often asked whether we can measure a given cell type, a toxicological effect or tumor type in a given organ. Flagship is constantly working on new projects. If you do not see your tissue or area of interest below, please contact us for more information.

Tissue Applications by Disease

Tissue biopsies are utilized throughout drug development, from early stage research through late stage clinical trials. Flagship has performed hundreds of quantitative pathology studies in many disease areas.

Measuring the Tissue Microenvironment

While there have been vast improvements with next generation sequencing for the low cost evaluation of an entire genome from a single clinical sample, the ability to appreciate changes in cells in the context of their natural environment is important for an effective measurement of efficacy or toxicity. Flagship Biosciences specializes in evaluating this local tissue microenvironment, employing pathologist expertise, protein stains (IHC and IF) and RNA staining with both chromogenic and fluorescent ISH. Please explore some of the parameters below that Flagship can measure to characterize the local tumor and tissue microenvironment.

Oncology Research - Tissue Endpoints by Tumor Type

Flagship Biosciences provides a complete service for quantitative evaluation of tissue endpoints in oncology and hematologic disease. Our integrated approach provides reproducible protein and RNA measurement in tissue, from sample procurement and handling to IHC/ISH histology to pathologist driven image analysis.  Below are links to research in oncology categorized by specific tumor types.  If you do not see the tumor type you are interested in on this page, please contact us to discuss Flagship's services.