Aperio Fluorescence Scanner

Aperio launched a 5-slide fluorescent scanner at the AACR meeting in 2009. This scanner is built on the highly successful Aperio CS chassis. It scans at 20x, and produces high quality images. A separate purchase of Spectrum Plus Device Licence is required for software. The scanner is fast, but one should still not budget more than 3-4 slides per hour at 20x (four colors). We recommend that a lab have an epifluorescent microscope available next to the Aperio FL scanner, as it will be needed for referencing exposure time, focus depth, etc.

PROS: Good quality images, integrates with other Aperio software, configurable

CONS: Dedicated fluorescent scanner, does not have macro cam built in, so focusing and exposure time can be difficult. 5 slide scanner loader is too low for large runs. No 40x scanning, no Z-stack capability.

SOFTWARE: In release 11.0, Aperio has color deconvolution, colocalization, and Genie that handle fluorescence. These are area based measurements, and the fluorescent image analysis software requires the Aperio image file format to run effectively.

OPTICS DETAILS: Has an Olympus 20x objective, filter cube and filter wheels…

Aperio ScanScope FL at a tradeshow

Aperio ScanScope FL and ImageScope viewer showing whole slide fluorescent images