Precision Patient Care: Seamless Optimization of Diagnoses, Companion Testing and Therapy Design


Technology Leads the Way to Precision Patient Care

Digital transformation comes in many flavors. In pathology, it can be as simple as merely scanning pathology slides into whole slide images. However, it can also represent end-to-end digital pathology workflow solutions that support the pathologist from primary diagnosis to enhanced image viewing, to real-time collaboration.
When properly synced with other AI and NLP tools, digitization can ensure better cancer patient journeys and generate substantial returns downstream — including but not limited to bringing together clinical data and biomarker results, and even automatically matching eligible patients to clinical trials.

Inspirata and Flagship Biosciences joined forces for this fireside chat to discuss how technology can drive the seamless optimization of diagnoses, companion testing, and therapy design:

  • Mark Lloyd introduced Inspirata’s open Digital Pathology platform, Dynamyx, and describe its thoughtful integrated workflow. He discussed how pathologists collaborate to create annotations and new evidence, including sending images to Flagship Biosciences for testing.
  • Geoff Metcalf walked us through Flagship Biosciences’ clinical diagnostic services. He demonstrated the TissueInsight product’s Image Analysis / Pathologist Review, Image Data Analytics, and Report Generation capabilities. 
  • John Hamm connected the dots between Digital Pathology and AI/NLP, showing how such tools can collate, structure, and abstract clinical data and even convert more cancer patients to clinical trials.