Accelerating Drug Development as a Top Image Analysis Solution Provider for 2020

As featured in Pharma Tech Outlook Magazine, July 2020

Flagship Biosciences was recently selected as a Top Image Analysis Solution Provider for 2020 by Pharma Tech Outlook Magazine. Flagship’s proprietary tissue image analysis solutions provide both pharmaceutical and diagnostics clients with end-to-end tissue analysis services and delivers results to help them accelerate the process of drug development and clinical diagnostics.

In the July cover story, Flagship is featured as a tissue data collection, slide preparation, in situ assays, scanning, and image capture provider and as a leader in tissue image analysis, tissue data analytics, and custom reporting. Flagship’s technology measures how different cell types, particularly immune cells and tumor cells, interact and change on a patient-by-patient basis.

Download a PDF of the article here

The company’s industry-leading image analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities deliver high-quality tissue data to help accelerate pharmaceutical development and clinical diagnostics.

View the Pharma Tech Outlook cover story on “Flagship Biosciences – Accelerating Drug Development” on the magazine’s website.