Dermatology services for pharma clinical trials

Flagship teams with Angela Wyatt Dermatology to offer dermatopathology clinical trials and discovery services to pharma and biotech firms

Flagstaff, AZ – January 17, 2011 –Flagship Biosciences announces today a new service for pharmaceutical, medical device, and cosmetics firms seeking help with dermatology clinical trials and dermatology product development. In partnership with Dr. Angela Wyatt, a board-certified full-service dermatopathology and dermatology clinic based in Flagstaff, Arizona, pharma and biological firms can now access digital quantitative pathology methods in conjunction with expert MD anatomic pathology expertise in dermatology.

“Dermatology drug and biological product development is an area with large growth potential,” said Dr. Steven Potts, CEO of Flagship Biosciences. “The application of whole slide analysis and quantitative whole section approaches to characterizing efficacy or toxicology in dermatology is a largely untapped field. Clients now have the combined expertise of a board-certified MD dermatopathologist with quantitative digital pathology approaches.”

Dr. Angela Wyatt is board certified in both Dermatology and Dermatopathology by the American Board of Dermatology and the American Board of Pathology. A highly regarded teacher and lecturer, she has trained other physicians in dermatopathology, and in the safe and effective use of BOTOX Cosmetic, Juvéderm®, and RADIESSE® as a National Trainer and Faculty Member, and has an active publishing career. She completed her subspecialty training in Pathology and her Dermatopathology Fellowship at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and established a Northern Arizona dermatology practice in 2008.

“Skin presents an exciting challenge to whole slide image analysis, and will require a careful collaboration between pathology and image analysis experts,” said Dr. Angela Wyatt. “Many firms developing new dermatology products are seeking more quantitative measurement approaches to validate their efficacy or toxicology results, whether this be straightforward increased collagen or dermal thickness or more complex multiplexed IHC skin biomarker approaches. Generating quantitative results on the  morphology seen by the pathologist, as well as sharing slides digitally with no geographical barriers will greatly improve dermatology clinical trials. We are excited to be partnering with Flagship Biosciences, combining our CLIA dermatology laboratory and dermatology expertise with their quantitative analysis approaches and remote virtual microscopy expertise.”

Flagship is digitizing Dr. Wyatt’s dermatopathology teaching slide set of several hundred glass slides for her digital conferencing and teaching activities, as well as for use in development of quantitative image analysis approaches.  With Dr. Wyatt’s expertise, Flagship now has access to both MD and DVM dermatopathology experience, an important aspect of drug development where comparative pathology can be extremely important.

Angela Wyatt Dermatology is a comprehensive Flagstaff dermatology and dermatopathology medical and cosmetic practice.

Flagship Biosciences is a pathologist-owned CRO built around digital pathology services.