Dr. Cris Luengo joins Flagship as Director of Image Analysis

Top image analysis expert Dr. Cris Luengo joins Flagship Biosciences as Director of Image Analysis

Westminster, CO – July 20, 2015 – – Flagship Biosciences continues to expand its leadership position in tissue image analysis with the addition of Dr. Cris Luengo as Director of Image Analysis. Dr. Luengo is an internationally recognized expert in quantitative image analysis, with more than 15 years of experience developing innovative image analysis tools. He previously was Associate Professor at the Center for Image Analysis at Uppsala University, Sweden, a world leader in image analysis for pathology since the 1970’s. He was an instrumental part of the team, at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, that created the very first atlas of gene expression, at cellular resolution, in the early Drosophila embryo. He is the principal author of DIPimage www.diplib.org, a quantitative image analysis software package that is used in thousands of research labs throughout the world.

“Flagship is committed to providing quality and complete tissue analysis solutions to our clients and the addition of Dr. Luengo will continue to drive our innovations in tissue image analysis” said Dr. David Young, CEO and President. “Flagship is manufacturer independent and we can use the best-of-breed image analysis tools commercially available, but our ability to meet and exceed customer expectations is founded on our proprietary, cutting-edge in-house tissue image analysis development.”

“We are very excited to have Cris join Flagship’s tissue image analysis team,” said Dr. Holger Lange, CTO. “Cris having been an academic leader at Uppsala University, which is a hot spot for image analysis in microscopy and digital pathology, and his unique skill set in mathematical morphology and drive to push the boundaries of precision make him a great leader for our tissue image analysis group.”

“Flagship provides a unique opportunity to be a pioneer in this new and exciting field of whole-slide tissue image analysis” said Dr. Cris Luengo. “Flagship is the most innovative tissue image analysis company in the world today. Their key for innovation is a unique team of pathologists, biologists, biostatisticians, and image analysis experts, together with an in-house histology lab, all working together to solve real-world challenges from across many pharma companies. Their tissue image analysis tools are extensively validated on hundreds of studies and thousands of slides.”