Flagship Spotlight: Jordyn Vincelet – Sales Coordinator at Flagship Biosciences

Education and Early Career

Jordyn received his Bachelor of Science in Community Health Sciences at the University of Nevada-Reno.

Jordyn always wanted to be in the medical field, either in patient care or in medicine. According to an old yearbook, he actually wanted to be a plastic surgeon. Jordyn has always loved science and is fascinated in biology and what makes the body work.

Jordan Vincelet

Before joining Flagship, Jordyn held several healthcare positions including as a certified ophthalmic technician at UCSF, one of the leading teaching hospitals in the nation. He worked in eyes for almost four years and transitioned to a role as the lead technician in oculoplastic surgery, where his dream of being in plastics came true.

Jordyn is EMT certified and has also worked in pain management as a scribe.

“Early in my career, I realized I enjoy interacting and working with the doctors and scientists more than in patient care, which is what prompted my switch to the biotech world.”

Motivation: Fighting for a Cure

“A driving factor that has led me to the immune-oncology world is that cancer has a heavy presence in my family, both paternally and maternally. My grandpa was one of 13 siblings, 9 of whom have passed away or suffered from some form of cancer, including him. To be involved in a world that is fighting for a cure and more advanced treatment of cancer is exactly where I am meant to be.”

To be involved in a world that is fighting for a cure and more advanced treatment of cancer is exactly where I am meant to be.”

Life at Flagship

Jorydn’s favorite part of his role in Flagship is being on the other side of medicine, still saving lives but by being involved in a process that is current and ever evolving. He loves the vast possibilities at Flagship.

“I have already learned so much about the biotech world of medicine that I otherwise wouldn’t have had access to. Obviously, the best part of working at Flagship is the wonderful team we have and the fact that everyone is so open, collaborative, and willing to help each other. It is all that I can ask for in a team.”

Thoughts for the Future

Jordyn envisions eventually moving into project management, which he is becoming more passionate about as he learns more about it.

“Flagship is extremely supportive in progressing your career as well which is very encouraging. My advice for students and new scientists is to figure out what you are truly passionate about and go for it. Follow your instincts and don’t put your dreams or goals on hold. Everything will work out in the end and if you are truly passionate about your work, the possibilities really are endless when it comes to your career.”

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