Flagship Spotlight: Roberto Gianani, MD

Roberto Gianani

Introduction and Background

Dr. Roberto Gianani, Chief Medical Officer at Flagship Biosciences, Inc., is a practicing pathologist who is board certified in anatomic pathology, clinical pathology, and pediatric pathology. He is fellowship-trained in surgical pathology and transfusion medicine. His research interests include the pathology of immune-oncology and image analysis.

Roberto recently shared his experience as well as his thoughts on Flagship.

Academic Contributions, Experience, and a Patent

Roberto’s professional experience includes several years as an academic pathologist at the University of Colorado and numerous laboratory directorships. Roberto has published extensively in the field on immunology, pathology, and autoimmunity.

Roberto received his medical degree from the Sapienza University of Rome. His licenses and certifications include:

  • Pediatric Pathology Board Certification
  • Anatomic Pathology Board Certification
  • Clinical Pathology Board Certification
  • Illinois Medical License
  • Colorado Medical License
  • Specialization Certification in Endocrinology (Italy)
  • Certification by the Italian National Board of Medicine and Surgery

Roberto also holds patent number US005407802A, entitled: Method of accessing the risks of developing Type 1 diabetes.

Interest in Understanding and Treating Cancer

“I have always been fascinated by cancer,” said Roberto. “I wanted to help make an impact on the disease after a family friend was diagnosed.”

His work at Flagship reflects his interest, contributing to the company’s continued efforts to help detect cancer at the cellular level.

Joining Flagship and Working with the Team

In previous roles at other companies, Roberto worked as an academic immunologist and practicing pathologist.

“Flagship combines my two lifelong interests, immunology and pathology. I also realized that greater volume and detailed data was needed to solve the complex problems we face in the industry, and which Flagship excels at.”

Roberto enjoys exchanging ideas and solving problems with the talented individuals with whom he works at the company.

Generating New Image Analysis Solutions

As he looks to the future, Roberto is excited about generating new image analysis solutions that will facilitate both clinical diagnosis and drug discovery pathways.

Advice for Aspiring Scientists

“Follow your passion,” said Roberto. “And do not be afraid of new ideas even when few people agree with them.”

You can also hear Roberto’s thoughts in our June 22, 2021 webcast on Tissue-Based CDx Development and Image Analysis in a Regulated Space, available on demand after a brief registration.