Protein Tyrosine Kinase 7 (PTK7) Biomarker Analysis in Patients treated with PF-06647020, a PTK7 Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC), in a Phase I Dose Expansion Study

  • F-06647020, an ADC comprising a humanized monoclonal antibody against PTK7, a cleavable valine-citrulline linker, and an auristatin payload, is being investigated in an ongoing Phase I clinical trial in patients with advanced solid tumors.
  • We hypothesized that response to a PTK7-directed ADC would correlate with PTK7 expression in the patients’ tumor.
  • We developed and validated a novel LDT comprising an anti-PTK7 immunohistochemistry assay with digital tissue analysis using Flagship Biosciences, Inc.’s cTA® platform to detect membrane-associated PTK7 in formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) epithelial malignancies of ovary, breast and lung.
  • A novel CLIA validated LDT was developed and implemented to assess PTK7 baseline levels in FFPE tumors from patients treated with PF-06647020.
  • Clinical responses tended to correlate with H-scores that were higher than the mean for each tumor type.

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